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A Note To The Fourth Saturday Crew

When we last met, in February 2020, we did not know that within weeks all our lives will be turned upside down. 

All the plans that we had were suddenly cancelled. At first, we thought that this “new reality” will be just for a few weeks. Weeks changed into months, and now the months are becoming years. 

Our mission to do and connect on every fourth Saturday of the month, became a challenge when contending with on and off Stay-at-Home orders. 

This has had a direct impact on our ability to be of service to the community organizations that we were supporting by volunteering for.

Also, so many of our partner organizations have felt the effects of the ongoing situation by having to majorly reduce or even cancel their services. 

Like everyone affected by this, we have been readily waiting for the news that it is safe to volunteer again together. However, as we prepare to start Year 4 of Fourth Saturday, this seems to be further and further away. 

After talking with you over the last few months, we have taken the difficult decision to suspend our in-person volunteer activities for the time being.


We plan to re-engage once there is a clear path forward which will allow us, our partner organizations, and yourself to do good and connect with no restrictions or uncertainties in a safe environment.

In the meantime, we hope that you will find the gift to live the vision of Fourth Saturday – responsibility, respect, empathy, and kindness – in your day to day lives. 

Please feel free to reach out. We always want to hear your stories and see how we can support our communities grow. 

Lo & Mat

Life's most persistent and urgent question is,

what are you doing for others?

Martin Luther King Jr. 

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